Plain Words #2

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The second issue of Plain Words is here, featuring continued analysis of the poverty of social media and the internet, instructions on keeping yourself safe from enemy eyes, a look at the Aachen bank robbery case in Germany, a contribution by anarchist prisoner Sean Swain, information on Marius Mason, some communiques from actions undertaken in memory of anarchist and ecological fighters, news of general unruliness around town, and a glimpse at earth liberation actions of the past.

“Express Yourself: Liberal Democracy’s Trap”
“How to Mask Up”
“Sabotage in Memory of Lambros Foundas”
“Graffiti in Memory of James Marker”
“So What If They Did Rob the Banks?”
“Floodgates: The Urge to Obey, A Flight from Initiative, and Identity Politics”
“Professor’s Office Sabotaged”
“A Message from Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain to Bloomington Zinefest”
“Free Marius Mason”
“Blast from the Past: Earth Liberation Front Attacks Wal-Mart in Martinsville”
Action Chronology

February 14: Film Screening – Emma Goldman

From Bloomington Anarchist Black Cross

FEBRUARY 14, 2017
Boxcar Books
408 E. 6th St

Bloomington Anarchist Black Cross presents a documentary on the life of anarchist Emma Goldman. A Russian Jewish immigrant to America, Goldman became a major figure of the US anarchist movement until she was deported for her opposition to WWI. Labor struggles, riots, an assassination attempt on an industrialist, radical newspaper publishing, the killing of President McKinley, anti-militarist organizing, the women’s liberation movement, the Russian revolution and its betrayal by the Bolsheviks, the Spanish revolution and its hope for human freedom are all explored through the life of one woman who lived it all without compromise and with fiery vision.

After the movie, we’ll be writing letters and cards to anarchist prisoner Sean Swain.

The Anarchist Movie Night is a free monthly film series on freedom and subversion. Showing documentaries, features, cult films, and experimental shorts of an anarchic sort.

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